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About Us

Learn more about AFRICOMUSA in Nevada and our strategic vision for the coming years. The organization was founded in 2019 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants to our state. As a nongovernmental organization funded by your contributions, our priorities and activities are set by an elected board.

Our Strategic Vision

Contributions by our members fund our work in six key areas that include community reintegration, knowledge and orientation, diversity exchanges, broadening awareness and adoption of US laws and rules, and making career connections.

Building a Self-Sufficient Community

Help us build a more diverse and accepting Nevada through donations that support our plan for the coming half-decade. The organization defines our vision, purpose, goals, and aims as follows:


Our efforts are designed to build sustainability in the refugee community that reduced crime and increases understanding. We work to make the voices of refugees heard and increase the respect others have for their rights. Refugees deserve to have their contributions celebrated just as others are.


We strive to empower those seeking asylum, and refuge, and a new nation to call home through the development of job skills, language proficiency, and civic pride. Through a collaboration with members and partner organizations, we hope to implement humane, lawful, and constructive policies towards refugees.


To motivate others, you must come to the table with a strategic vision. However, that vision can only be realized when a resolute purpose backs it. To achieve that purpose, we pursue the following aims:

To Act as a Pillar Organization for Refugee Success Through Representation of Our Members

To Promote Empowerment of Refugee Communities Everywhere Through a Broadening of Capacity

To Monitor, Research and Present Information on Issues Relating to the Needs and Circumstances of Refugees, Immigrants and People Seeking Asylum

To Help Governments and Inter-Governmental Organizations Formulate Policy That Improves Support Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

To Increase Public Awareness and Media Sensitivity Towards Refugees and People Seeking Asylum


During the next five years, this organization, in collaboration with our members, refugee communities, and other partner groups, is focused on achieving a set of goals. Those goals are outlined in our 2021-2026 strategic plan and include:

Fostering and Achieving Improved Services and Better Opportunities for Refugees Settling in the United States and Nevada

Promoting, Fostering, and Achieving the Implementation of Better Living Conditions for Refugee Communities

Promoting, Fostering, and Achieving Better International Protections and Increased Domestic Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Supporting and Advocating for a Public Role for Domestic Refugee Communities

Enhancing Our Organizational Ability to Achieve These Goals

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