Enriching the Cultural Fabric of the Place We Call Home

A Refugee Resettlement Nonprofit in Nevada Making a Difference

Lay the foundation for a diverse community that enriches us all when you support the efforts of this refugee resettlement nonprofit in Nevada. AFRICOMUSA is a licensed 501(c)3 organization dedicated to funding services that make the entire community a better place to live.

When refugees from Africa and other parts of the world are given the tools they need to integrate themselves into the fabric of Nevada, our entire region becomes a better place to live. With the outreach we provide, our roads are safer and our public spaces more inviting.

About Us

Follow the story of our 501(c)3 registered nonprofit centered on empowering refugees and helping them integrate into the fabric of Nevada Society.

Support Us

Help us continue the community development activities that ensure the refugees that arrive in our state get the support they need to succeed and thrive.

Our Resources

Language courses, driving instruction classes, and seminars that prepare new arrivals for their green card interviews are essential to their success.

Build a better community for everyone when supporting our refugee resettlement nonprofit in Nevada.

Call (702) 659-0407.

Supporting Civic Outreach

Through your generous support, we organize and operate essential educational programs that help refugees and new arrivals learn the rules of the road and find steady employment that ensures stability. In addition, we want new Nevadans to earn their citizenship through legal channels, which starts with language courses and citizenship preparation.

Celebrating Everyone’s Contribution

Our support includes a cultural diversity exchange that helps refugees be heard. They have significant contributions to make to our society, so it is important to give them the support they need while integrating into our communities.

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